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What if my Debit card is lost, broken or stolen?

Report lost or stolen cards as soon as possible 24 hours a day / 7 days a week at 1-800-554-8969
Follow up with [email protected] or call the Credit Union as soon as possible to have a replacement card issued.
Monitor your account and report inconsistencies.  BEWARE of Fishing Scams!  Should you receive a call trying to validate possible fraudulent transactions on your Debit Card, the legitimate phone number for the Fraud Detection Message Center is (866)750-9107.  They will ask for the 6 digit personal message code. When in doubt, never give out personal information.

What if my Credit Card is lost, broken or stolen?

Report lost or stolen cards as soon as possible 24 hours a day / 7 days a week at 1-800-991-4965
Follow up with [email protected] or call the Credit Union as soon as possible to have a replacement card issued.
Monitor your account and report inconsistencies

Customer Service is available 24/7 by calling 1-866-791-4288 option 3

Will my Debit/VISA card work overseas?

Please make sure your contact information is correct and up to date.Your card will work, however please keep in mind that not all ATM’s give the option to choose between either your Savings or Checking account for withdrawals. We always recommend keeping money available in both your Draft Account as well as your Share Account to avoid any unnecessary delays while traveling.

Why does my “balance” show more than what’s “available” when I check my online banking?

These are transactions that were NOT PIN driven. The available balance is a reflection of any authorizations that have been requested but have not hit your account as of yet. The sometimes referred to as “missing money”, is set aside for the specified authorizations until the merchant actually processes the transaction, this “missing money” can be on hold for up to three days.

When will my debit/credit card arrive?

A Debit Card will usually arrive in approximately 7-10 business days after it has been requested. The PIN will arrive approximately three days after the card.
A VISA Credit Card will only take approximately 5-7 days to arrive.
When you receive either a Debit or Credit Card you are able to activate it immediately and begin to use it for VISA and signature driven transactions.

My Debit/Credit Card expires next month, when will I get my new card?

All Cards are usable until the LAST day of the expiration month. You should receive a card with a new expiration date by the 25th of the expiring month.

When are the funds deposited available?

Our policy is to make funds from your cash and check deposits available to you on the next business day.

Can I cash/deposit a third party check?

The Credit Union cannot accept Third Party Checks. If the check is not made payable to you and you do not have an account with the Credit Union we cannot accept the check. If you have received a check from one of our members and do not have an account with us, please deposit the check at your financial institution.

Can I pay my VISA Credit Card on line?

Yes. www.ezcardinfo.com

How can I see my activity on my credit card?


How can I register for rewards on my VISA Credit Card?

Register at Score Cards Rewards

I am locked out of my online account. What do I do?

Your account will automatically reset after a period of 24 hours. Or contact the Credit Union at 856-224-2134 for assistance

If I paid off my loan, why do I still have a deduction on my paycheck?

The Credit Union does not have the authority to change payroll deductions. Please contact your Human Resources Department. These fund will accumulate into your Share Account and are available at your convenience.

What do I do if I’m moving, retiring and/or changing jobs?

Contact the credit union for any questions at 856-224-2134 or by e-mail at [email protected]
Change requests must be done in writing and require a valid signature for verification. Click Here for the Change My account Information PDF Form

How do I apply for a(n):

Member Account
Loan apply by mail or in person
Home Equity Loan – Contact the Credit Union
VISA Credit Card Application
Debit Card

I need help with a wire transfer:

If you are sending Research-1166 FCU money through a wire to be deposited into your account please choose:
Incoming Domestic
Incoming International
If you are sending money to another institution from your Research-1166 FCU account please choose:
Outgoing Domestic
Outgoing International

What is going on with this system upgrade

Dates to REMEMBER: Monday 8am March 26th thru Tuesday 4pm April 3rd
During this upgrade our member’s might Experiance DECLINED DEBIT Card Transactions and DECLINED ATM Withdrawals 
  • DEBIT CARD Access will be limited during this week, PLEASE make sure you have enough cash to last you for the weekend  You may have trouble with in-store and online purchases as well as ATM usage
  • HOME BANKING and Mobile APP Access will be UNAVAILABLE Friday March 30th thru Monday April 2nd

Identity Fraud

Identity theft step list

"Deposits Federally Insured Up to $250,000.00"